Other websites on aphids

A lot of information on aphids are available online. Here are some websites classified according to the type of information they provide...

General information on Aphids

Aphids on the World's Plants – the website we visit most frequently. Blackman & Eastop's seminal works, in digital form. [in English]

Taxonomy and nomenclature

Aphid Species File – Taxonomic, nomenclatural, and bibliographic database. The reference for Aphididae nomenclature. [in English]

Identification Keys and faunistic data

Aphids on the World's Plants - the website we visit the most frequently. The Keys for aphids found on all plant genera are given. Description, biology and geographical distribution of each world species of aphids is presented in a summary form. The up to date bibliographic data for each genus and species of aphids are available. [in English]

Fauna Europaea – Aphidoidea : List and distribution maps of all aphids species in Europe. [in English]

Encyclop’AphidWebsite containing information on biology and iconography of many aphid pests. [in French]

AphID – An identification key to the world's most polyphagous and/or cosmopolitan aphids. [in English]

Aphids of Quebec – Very didactic and profusely illustrated website on aphids present in Quebec. [in French]

Influential Points : Summary sheet with illustrations on many european species of aphid. [in English]

Aphis of the midwestern USA– 3I interactive key of Aphis species of the Midwestern USA. [in English]


U.S. National Aphid Collection


The United States National Collection of Aphid Photographs

Molecular and genomic data

AphidBase – – Aphid genome database.

Barcode of Life BOLD Systems - Aphididae, Adelgidae, Phylloxeridae