The collections

The CBGP hosts two collections of Aphididae (aphids). The National Institut of Agronomical Research (INRA) reference collection and one historical collection, the collection made by the Professor Leclant.

The INRA aphids collection comprises 17000 prepared specimens (Slides), 3400 colonies preserved in alcohol, and 2000 DNA extracts. The collection includes 514 species belonging to 129 genera and 12 subfamillies. Most specimens have been sampled in Europe (70%) but some of them are from North America (11%), Asia (9%) and Africa (6%). All sampling data of this collection are entered in a database. These informations should be available soon in PhylaphidB@ase. All molecular data were obtained from specimens extracted from this collection.

Historical collection of Professor Leclant consists of 15,000 slides and several thousand samples in alcohol. This collection comprises approximately 600 species. Most of them have an Alpine and Mediterranean origin, but near 120 species have been sampled in the Middle East, Africa and North America. One hundred species have been received from Dr. Holman (including paratypes) and from the MNHN of Paris. Entering this collection in the database is a long process, probably needing several years …. However, It is possible to consult this collection on site or obtain a loan of specimens for short periods on the basis of a detailed project and after consulting the collection manager.